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Revit Plugin and Auto-Update Service

Latest release

Using the auto-update service

The VU.CITY Revit Plugin Auto-Update Service is a companion app that sits in your Windows system tray, and keeps the Revit Plugin up-to-date. Right-click it to reveal the 'Check For Updates' option. Note you also have the option to enter proxy server details to help the update service work within your secure network environment.

Using the Plugin

Please enter a 3D view of your model, noting that the 3D view of the selection is what will be exported to FBX.

Look inside your Plugin menu:

When the tab is open, you will see these three buttons:

Click the Export to FBX button to reveal the following menu:

Under Export, choose the name of the 3D view you wish to export.

The Textures option is currently unavailable.

The Collapse By menu asks you to specify how you wish for your geometry to be grouped/merged. It is recommended that you do collapse your geometry either by family or material, as not doing so will produce a model that is heavier, and more difficult to work with in a rendering environment.

There are several exclusion filters including:

  • Exclude linked files;
  • Exclude MEP Elements (mechanical/electrical/plumbing elements are often high detail, but invisible therefore unrequired for rendering purposes);
  • Exclude Planting (planting objects are often too high in detail to render well);
  • Exclude Fixtures and Fittings (internal furniture and fittings aren't necessary as they won't be visible from outside the building);
  • Optimise data (reduce overall level of detail - 'medium' is the recommended setting).

The Size Filter can be used to exclude objects below whatever size threshold you set. Note the filter does not drill down into nested families, meaning small objects such as door handles may still be exported as they are hosted on a door that is larger than the user-defined threshold.

Export units

Revit's internal coordinate system uses feet. This means any FBX files exported using this plugin will also be scaled in feet. Please therefore instruct any VU.CITY users you share an FBX file with to use feet as the scale units.

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