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SketchUp Plugin

VU.CITY SketchUp Plugin is a standalone application designed to help export SKP models to FBX format. It doesn't require SketchUp or SketchUp license. The plugin allows:

  • Merging multiple meshes into single selectable mesh;
  • Converting from ASCII to binary;
  • Optimising the geometry;
  • Correcting visual issues;
  • Geolocating models by converting the Latitude and Longitude coordinates within the model to OSGB supported by VU.CITY.

Latest release
Installation instructions

Download the installer to your PC and follow the instructions. The below shortcut will be added to your desktop:

Plugin can be pinned to your taskbar or set up as the default app for all SKP files for quick access.

Export units and orientation

The exported FBX will preserve the scale units of the original SKP (usually inches). Tick the checkbox for SketchUp orientation (default), untick for AutoCAD.

If you come across any issues while using SketchUp Plugin, please raise a support case and attach your original SKP file with a brief explaination of the issue.

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