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Accessing VU.CITY

Signing up or migrating existing account

The process of signing up for VU.CITY as a new user, or upgrading from our old online portal to our new one is exactly the same. Simply go to VU.CITY Hub and click the "sign up" link:


Our old and new online portals are entirely separate systems that do not interact with each other. This means files and projects that are worked on in the old dashboard will not be visible in the new hub, and vice versa.

Upon signing up to our new portal, any existing files or projects stored in VU.CITY Drive in the outgoing portal will be automatically copied over for you. This is a one-time, one-way file transfer. To avoid confusion and fragmented files / projects, we recommend you cease using the old VU.CITY Dashboard as soon as you sign up up for the new VU.CITY Hub.

Your company profile

By default, your company profile will use the name you signed up with ("Penny's Team" for example). It's important to add your actual company information to your account, so when collaborating with other organisations, they can identify you correctly.

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