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Hub Migration Checklist

Sign up for VU.CITY Hub
  • VU.CITY Hub uses a new login system, separate to the old dashboard, so a new account must be created.
  • To create your new account, head over to the new VU.CITY Hub and click Sign Up.
  • You must use the same company email-address that you used previously, and you are free to use the same password.
  • By entering the same e-mail address, you will initiate a one-time migration of all of your VU.CITY Drive files to move across to your Personal Drive within the Hub. More information on the migration can be found here.
Contact your organisation admin
  • To link your account to your organisation, contact your organisation admin and request that they invite you. To check who your organisation admins are, login to your old dashboard with your original account details.
  • Alternatively, feel free to contact VU.CITY Support who can also confirm this for you.
  • Once the organisation admin has been identified, they should invite you to join.
Accept your invite to the organisation
  • When you have been invited to join your organisation, you should receive an email with a link to accept the invite.
  • After accepting the invite, you can confirm that you have joined successfully by opening your account settings and verifying that your organisation is listed.
Organisation admin contacts VU.CITY
  • Your organisation admin should contact VU.CITY in order to have the existing license migrated across to the new account.
  • Until this has been done, the organisation Hub account will be limited to 3 projects and won't have access to the 3D application.

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