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Pilot programme

We are currently piloting VU.CITY Cloud, which allows users to run VU.CITY through a web browser; no special hardware required! To be able to run it, you need a compatible web browser that supports WebSockets. The following indicators will let you know if your browser/network will work (green = supported, red = unsupported):

WebSocket Test Browser Test

How to access VU.CITY Cloud (pilot users only)

Sign into your dashboard (see the ‘customer login’ link at the top of our website) where you’ll see a button on the top right corner with the label “VU.CITY Cloud.” Note you’ll need to tick the terms and conditions box before you’re able to click on the VU.CITY Cloud button:

Please wait while your session is established, and the platform loads. Once the license selector screen appears, you may click on your chosen city and get started!

Learning your way around

Once your session has been established, you’ll notice new menu options along the bottom of the screen. To the bottom left, you have the following options:

From left to right, these are your session options, bandwidth, latency, distance to server, window scaling, and session duration. The only option you should need to interact with is the session options (the cog icon to the left) which when you click on reveals the following options:

Please click on ‘Close session’ in this menu when you have finished.

On the bottom right hand corner, you have from left to right language control, a clipboard tool, an on-screen keyboard, sound, and a full-screen toggle:

Here you need only interact with the full-screen toggle (square bracket icon to the right) to switch between windowed and full-screen modes.

Model importing workflow

You cannot import an FBX file directly from your computer into VU.CITY Cloud. You would instead need to navigate to VU.CITY Drive inside your online dashboard, and upload the FBX from there. OBJ files are not currently supported.

Once you have uploaded your FBX file to VU.CITY Drive, you’ll be able to import it by going back into VU.CITY and clicking Developments / Import. Here you’ll notice the plus (+) icon is greyed out – you instead need to press the cloud import button:

After selecting your FBX file, you’ll be presented with the familiar import settings screen, which you’ll need to fill out as usual:


You are currently unable to save imported models as a part of a project, or share them via VU.CITY Drive. This functionality will be added in future updates.


Pilot users are given the option to rate their session when closing the VU.CITY Online web portal. They can also provide feedback to their customer success manager, who will maintain regular contact throughout the pilot.