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Pilot programme

We are currently piloting VU.CITY Cloud, which allows users to run VU.CITY through a web browser; no special hardware required! The functionality is the same, and all you need is a compatible web browser, and a network that supports WebSockets. The following indicators will let you know if your browser/network are compatible (green = supported, red = unsupported):

WebSocket Test Browser Test

Network requirements

– All traffic between the end user and VU.CITY Cloud is encrypted, and attempting to inspect this traffic will likely interrupt the connection;
– Explicit proxy servers (i.e. proxy servers that your web browser are aware of) are supported;
– Transparent proxy servers (i.e. proxy servers that your web browser is unaware of) have been known to prevent WebSockets from connecting;

The following domains are all involved in serving VU.CITY Cloud sessions, and must be whitelisted to enable normal use:

Using VU.CITY Cloud