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How to create your own protected views

If you would like us to integrate custom protected views into your VU.CITY licence, you’ll need to collate the settings of each camera for us. The easiest way to do this is to create a View Camera study as per the instructions in this article.

Export to CSV

Once you have created a View Camera study, click on the Export button in the View Camera menu. This will generate a reader-friendly CSV file containing all the necessary camera settings for us to create your protected views.

Add reference data

Once you have exported your View Camera study as a CSV file, open that CSV file in any spreadsheet processing app so that the data can be viewed in columns/cells. Please then add three additional columns of data:

– The type of view (i.e. Panoramic, Landmark);
– Identification key (i.e. 2A, 2B, or 4.1, 4.2);
– A brief description (i.e. City Hall to Parliament Square.

Please note the order of your views in the CSV file will be the order of your views when they’re added to VU.CITY, so please check the chronology.

Create a request

Once you have created a view camera study, exported it to CSV, added reference data, and ensured the chronology is correct, please log into our support portal and create a request here. Anyone can access our online portal, so if you do not already have a username, please create one.

In your request, please include:

– The city your views are situated in;
– A description of the views you would like (i.e. which area, whether they are protected / prospective / personal);
– The modified CSV file you created when following the above steps;
– Any supporting images, or important information we may need to know.

Use a surveyor instead

You may wish to instead commission a surveyor to obtain the relevant camera settings for you. Note if you do use a surveyor, please request that they provide you with the Eastings, Northings, bearing, AOD, and focal length (camera lens) of each view.

Any camera settings you obtain from a surveyor will also need you to add reference data (i.e. reference/key, description, type etc) to it as detailed above.

You can also have your surveyor take photographs of the views which we can overlay inside VU.CITY. Please be aware that VU.CITY is not affected by GPS inaccuracies, however survey photos can be. We therefore recommend your surveyor use ground control points to ensure maximum accuracy.

Visualising viewing corridors

We can collaborate with you to create a viewing corridor. Viewing corridors are triangular planes that can be rendered in VU.CITY to give a clear visual indicator as to the extents of your views:

To create one, we would need the Eastings/Northings/AOD of the two far points of the triangle (the near point will be set to the position of the camera). Alternatively, if we have the general view that needs to be illustrated (the edge of the view, and the maximum height) we can do the rest for you.