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Important information regarding model compatibility

The rendering formats supported by VU.CITY (FBX and OBJ) are not CAD or BIM formats. Therefore exporting from your CAD or BIM software directly to FBX/OBJ without any modification/additional steps will usually result in an unusable model. FBX and OBJ models are geolocated in a fundamentally differently way, and they use “normals” that determine the direction of each face on the model. Common issues include faces in your model disappearing (due to “bad normals”) and the model not importing to the desired location (CAD/BIM geolocation has been used rather than FBX/OBJ geolocation).

Please read through the below resources to understand the qualities of a good FBX/OBJ file, and suggested ways of achieving a usable model from various CAD/BIM packages.

Modelling 101

3d model file requirements

Geolocation with dedicated modelling packages
Geolocation with CAD/BIM packages

Known quirks and workarounds (covers various modelling/CAD/BIM packages)
Have us create/optimise/geolocate models for you