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Saving your session

You are able to save and load sessions in VU.CITY allowing you to pick up where you left off the next time you log in. These sessions are called Projects, and can contain any or all of the following:

– Camera Studies;
– Imported Models;
– Object Remover;
– Building Highlighter;
– Starting Camera Location;
– Date and Time;
– Weather Profile.

To save a session, click Developments / Save Project:

You’ll notice tick boxes next to each aspect of your session that can be saved.

Note massing models built using the Create tool cannot be saved to a project, rather they are saved locally to your computer. See the Create documentation for more information.

Loading a previous session

To load a project, click Developments / Load Project:

See the All Files tab for a combination of your own projects, and projects others have shared with you. The My Files tab filters your personal projects, and the Shared Files tab filters projects others have shared with you . Once you select your project and click Load, you will be given options for which aspects of that session you wish to load:

Note every time you load a project, you are starting a new session. This means every time you load a project, any changes you’ve made in VU.CITY will be reset.

Managing your files

All of your saved models and projects are stored in VU.CITY Drive. If you wish to manage or share your files, you will need to log into your dashboard and go to the VU.CITY Drive tab.

To find out more about managing and sharing projects and models, please see our VU.CITY Drive documentation here.

Where are my old View Camera studies?

Previous versions of VU.CITY stored your View Camera studies as CSV files located in your documents folder. They have now been integrated into project files stored in VU.CITY Drive. So to save your View Camera studies, you need to save your project.

If you have View Camera CSV files from a legacy version of VU.CITY, they can be converted into a project file for use in the latest release here.