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There are fundamental differences in the way CAD/BIM file formats and rendering file formats handle positioning/orientation. The following video explains the difference between a geolocated rendering model, zeroed rendering model, and georeferenced CAD model/BIM:

Rendering formats like FBX and OBJ do not support CAD/BIM georeferencing.

Can't geolocate? Zero it instead

For the reasons described above, if you are using CAD/BIM software, it generally means your georeferencing will not translate into FBX. Depending on what your software allows you to do, the next best option is to zero your model as described in the above video. Note to import a zeroed model into VU.CITY, you will need to manually enter the real-world coordinates that correspond with point zero (the origin) of your model.

Having difficulty geolocating or zeroing with your chosen software?

Consider adopting a dedicated modelling package like Blender into your workflow. To make this option easier, we have created a Blender Plugin that can help you zero and geolocate models easily.

Alternatively if you use Revit or SketchUp, we have created plugins, which help optimise and process your model in a way that lets it easily import into VU.CITY.

None of the above working for you?

We would be happy to analyse your model to help work out what needs to be done to get it VU.CITY-ready. You can request this by raising a support case.

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