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Modelling 101

There are import differences between CAD/BIM file formats, and rendering formats like FBX and OBJ. Equally there are different approaches when building a 3D model for design/construction purposes, and when you want to render it in a 3D physics environment. To get the best out of VU.CITY, it's important to understand the principles behind what makes a great rendering model:

Using the right tools

FBX files exported directly from popular CAD/BIM software packages tend to need additional optimisations to make them look their best when rendering in VU.CITY. Common issues include missing faces, dark shading smudges, and appearing in unexpected locations. It is possible to remedy some of these issues in some CAD/BIM packages (see compatibility notes below), but to fully polish a model you generally need to use a dedicated modelling package. We recommend Blender as it's free and open-source, plus it has powerful editing tools:

Compatablity notes (click to expand)
    3ds Max (+)

    AECOsim (+)

    ArchiCAD (+)

    AutoCAD (+)

    Blender (+)

    Maya (+)

    Microstation (+)

    Revit (+)

    Rhino (+)

    SketchUp (+)

    Vectorworks (+)

    VU.CITY Create (+)

    Other (+)

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